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XBox vs PS2, Round III

Category: 2003 Published on Wednesday, 18 March 2009
Mike Berman
Dave Berman

Am I hallucinating, or has my addle-brained offspring finally admitted that I was right!!!!

Me! The victor! Itolduso, Itolduso, Itolduso!

There, now that that's out of my system, let's get down to business.

The XBox has always been superior to its competition, basically because it's really a small PC with a decent processor, sound and video cards and a hard drive. In fact, the only real difference between it and a computer is the operating system.

It was only a matter of time before a significant number of games would become available with features to take advantage of its capabilities and allow it to compete on a level footing with the PS2.

That time is now!

I predicted a year ago that Microsoft would become a major player and that games produced for the XBox would blow everything else out of the water. And, even though there are still trillions more games being created for the still- more-popular PS2, It has become clear that XBox users have a distinct advantage when it comes to sound, graphics, speed and convenience.

And this is only the beginning.

Bill Gates, ruler of the kingdom of Microsoft, envisions the XBox as the center of a multimedia empire, where it would be the main source for gaming, playing DVDs, listening to music, etc.

This, folks, is only the beginning. And, as I've been trying to tell my frizzy-haired nemesis, Uncle Bill has big plans for this seemingly innocent. little game machine.


Ding ding.

Alright butterball, lets get it on. It has been quite some time since we've written one of these and truth be told it's because I've found a new love. The XBox.

Now, while I am still a fan of the PS2 and don't regret anything I've said in the two previous posts regarding this issue (or Mike's lack of hair), I must admit the XBox has some clear advantages.

• Faster. Hands down the XBox loads and saves games faster since it writes the saved game data directly to the hard drive. No more need for expensive and slow memory cards.

• Sharper. If made right, the same game seen on either platform is sharper on the XBox. Better graphics plus faster load time equals one happy Dave. And I am happy.

• Engaging. After putting in 20+ hours into Indiana Jones and the Emperror's Tomb, I've moved onto bigger and better things -- DOA Extreme Volleyball. Woweeeee look at those jumblies!

• Cheaper. I got the XBox on an Electronics Boutique special. It was $149.99 (after rebate) plus three free games. The deal was I had to buy two additional games and 1 controller -- something I'd buy anyway.

• Expandable. Graphics and speed aside, the BIGGEST benefit to XBox owners are the mods and hacks available. I haven't done it yet, but I'm planning on putting in a 120gb hard drive and adding the Evolution X dashboard. It allows you to copy your XBox games directly to the XBox and run it from there. What does that mean? Faster load times of course and now when I bring my XBox over to a friend's house, I don't need to bring my games with me. .

Like I've said prior, the only thing I'd like to see are more XBox only games. It is true in most cases that a well-to-do computer will be just as impressive as the XBox assuming these games will be ported to the PC -- something that is likely to happen.

Alas I wasn't able to resist. Now remember, I'm not admitting defeat. I'm just a gadget geek and the XBox is my latest addition.

My next gadget? Stay tuned. Mike's next gadget? A wig.

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