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The Battle for Your Gaming Dollar

Category: 2003 Published on Wednesday, 18 March 2009
Mike Berman
Dave Berman

Uncle Bill strikes again - - - but this time he wants to tell us what games to buy!

Proclaiming that "Windows XP is the best platform for PC gaming today," Bill Gates and the Boys from Redmond are introducing the phrase "Games for Windows" for games that have been developed for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Gamers are now able to go to to access the new Windows XP Game Advisor, which "suggests" which games best match specific age groups and genres. While there, they have access to Windows XP Extras, that includes free downloadable game add-ons. Plus the site offers "how-to articles, tips, the hottest new gaming hardware and software for Windows XP and more," according to the latest press release from Microsoft.

Is this an obvious marketing ploy to tear us away from our XBoxes, Playstations and Gamecubes and sell more boxes of WIndows XP? You bet!

Will it work? Right again!

There are already several of the most innovative game publishers on board including Valve (Half-Life 2), Buena Vista Interactive (TRON 2), Square Enix (Final fantasy XI), Eidos (Commandos 3) and Ubisoft (Uru: Ages Beyond Myst). This means that more and more games will be exclusively developed --- or enhanced --- to work with XP.

Now, obviously this isn't geared toward hard core gamers (like my joystick-bound offspring), but is intended to influence the millions of children, parents and grandparents who really aren't sure of what they want to get Johnnie or Jane for Christmas - - - and to sell more Microsoft hardware and software created to "enhance" our gaming experience.

In fact, this new marketing ploy resembles one tried by AMD several years ago, where games would proclaim that they worked best when played on PCs that had an AMD processor.

Now, although the AMD logos have disappeared from the game boxes, most of those that are addicted to games, have developed a cult-like allegiance to AMD.

I can see it now --- a generation of zombies chanting "Games for Windows XP" as they converge on their neighborhood software boutique demanding games annointed by Uncle Bill.

Be strong! Declare your independence by proclaiming you will not be swayed by marketing ploys, no matter how enticing they may seem.

And, above all, enhance your gaming experience by making your own decisions.


Kmart isn't going to tell me I should start wearing boxers so why should Bill Gates tell me what games I should play?

If I want to swing free, I should be able to swing free. If I want to hang from a chandelier, so be it. It's none of Bill's business. I'll eat my own words if there ever is a day when we'll have an underwear advisor. Underwear's so limiting and unforgiving and it chafes at the most inconvenient times. Moving on.

Now look at how misinformed the knucklehead on the left is. Why in the world would Bill Gates want to stray us from our XBoxes? It's a Microsoft product you schmuck! I think Bill's just tired of counting the billions of dollars between his couch cushions and someone came up with this idea and he said "sure, why not? We own 99% of the world, let's try this.".

I believe it'll cater to a small, uninformed group of computer users, but I certainly don't think it'll be successful. If grampa does buy it for Johnnie or Jane, gramps will probably get his tires slashed by an anonymous grandkid. Fortunately for Johnnie and Jane, corporal punishment is out and timeout is in -- get it? Timeout is in. Moving on.

I can't speak for everyone, but I can speak for most. Dave is cool. Dave is one sexy sonofagun. If it weren't for Dave, I don't know where I'd be right now. The wisdom he shares with us from these articles cannot be described in less than a book. I love Dave. Moving on.

Now back on topic -- and don't assume that I put the above in for filler, it's true. A nationwide poll showed that 9 out of 10 Berman vs. Berman readers love me. (4 out of 5 actually, since we don't have 10 readers).

To play most games you need to have an above average graphics card. The graphics card is more important than any other component in your system when it comes to games. You can skimp a bit on the CPU or the memory, but graphics, graphics, graphics is where it's at. Get the latest and greatest NVidia card out there and you won't be disapointed until games come out weeks later that force you to buy an even better card.

Get the game you want. If you want advice on what game to buy, ask your question on the Techboard or send me an email. I'll tell you what to buy and unlike Microsoft, I'll take pride in giving you advice. Unless of course you don't like the game or are offended by it. At that point I'm not responsible.

There are so many games to choose from and you're not just limited to PCs. One of my favorite games happens to be on my cellphone. Bowling! It doesn't use minutes, it's portable and I can play it during those boring conference calls or my "work from home" days. I got a high score of 265, but was cheated out of 2 strikes.

I'll even give you some advice right here, right now, for free. Checkout for the latest reviews on games for the PC, XBox, Gamecube and PS2. You can even filter by score. So if you just want RPGs that scored 8 or higher, you can search by it. I go there often when mulling over what game to buy. Should I buy Fable or City of Heroes? I know, I'll buy them both!

In closing, forget Bill and his billions of dollars, he doesn't know what he's talking about. I do. I'm coming out with Dave's Game Advisor next year. It'll have one game listed, mine. I'll be rich! Filthy rich! Muhahahaha!

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