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XBox 360

Category: 2003 Published on Thursday, 26 February 2009
Mike Berman
Dave Berman

Okay, it's time to hop to the hype: The new XBox 360 has hit the market just in time for . . . drum roll please . . . Christmas!

Yep, if you can find one, this new wunderkind from Microsoft is guaranteed to do everything except cook breakfast. And it only costs $399 (if you want to be able to play your old games).

But waitaminit . . . there aren't any available! Microsoft "severely underestimated demand (wink.wink)" and now you either have to wait until next year or pay more than $1,000 for a unit on eBay.

And then there's the dilemma of whether you want to spend $1,000 now or wait until mid 2006 when Sony will severely underestimate the demand for its long-awaited Playstation 3. And let's not forget about the release of Ninendo's new entry into the game console market dubbed the Revolution.

'Tis a puzzlement!

Obviously this isn't a problem to those who can afford to buy all three, but to most of us we have to choose carefully and wisely before laying down the bucks. And, let's face it: we make the grand decision only to discover that our kids "really want" what we didn't buy.

Although the XBox 360 promises to be a great machine boasting awesome graphics, sound and multimedia capabilities, it may be time to sit back and wait for the dust to clear, especially since there's no way to compare the three new game consoles.

I know my frizzy-domed offspring on the right has already made up his mind and probably made his purchase on eBay, but his mind works differently than ours, so you'll have to forgive him.

Sit back. Wait. Buy earplugs. You'll know when the time is right.


The eagle has landed, and it's bald!

Now that I got that out of the way, onto topic. Ahh yes, the Xbox 360.

I was on vacation when this behemoth was released and was sitting at home and thought about driving to Wal-Mart at midnight to get my hands on one of these.

Instead I sat at home and watched TechTV's Xbox 360 launch. At home I can sit in my underwear in front of my big screen TV. Yes, I could've gone to Wal-Mart in my underwear, but it's a bit too cold during November in New York and I could do without the arrest (again).

For those that don't know which end of an Xbox 360 is up, here's some helpful information if you're looking to buy one:

  • The 360 comes in 2 flavors, core and premium
  • The premium comes with a wireless controller, HDTV cables and a 20gb hard drive
  • The hard drive is required if you want to run your old Xbox games.
  • To get the best in graphics and visual performance, you need the HD cables which means you'll also need an HDTV and that can cost buckeroonies if you don't have one already. Of course I have one along with a nice set-top box with DVR built in. Hooray for me!
  • There have already been some reported overheating and freezing issues. The power adapter gets extremely hot and was an issue with the early releases of the first Xbox. Buyer beware!
  • Don't spend 2 times as much on EBay and don't fall for any preorder scams. Spring will be here soon enough and by then you'll have a PS3 to compare it with along with a much better selection of games for both consoles.

    It's too early to pass judgment on whether or not this is next generation gaming. My PC running Call of Duty on it looks just as sharp as the Xbox 360. And I can look at naughty bits on my computer.

Just realize what you're getting into before you go shopping for it. If I've saved you any money with my helpful holiday tips, I sure could use a donation, or an Xbox 360.

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