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PS2 vs. XBOX Episode II:

Category: 2002 Published on Wednesday, 18 March 2009
Mike Berman
Dave Berman

What a nattering dolt! Have you read what my frizzy-headed offspring is saying about the XBox? Go ahead, read it first and then come back --- I'll wait.

Back already? Let's look at a few facts:

1) Microsoft has big plans for the XBox, some of which can be seen on their website (, with many of the major audio and video magazines recommending the purchase of an XBox as an essential part of any entertainment system.

2) Microsoft has been losing $150 per console (not $200) because the components used to manufacture the XBox -- giving it superior graphics and audio capabilities -- have made it more expensive to produce.

3) Game developers would be crazy to produce titles for only one system, but have modified their games to take advantage of the power of the XBox consoles. Just look at the same game on both units -- the XBox is clearly superior.

4) Microsoft -- at least right now -- has no plans to abandon the XBox. In fact, many analysts believe the company can continue to take a heavy hit on the unit forever and still not feel it.

5) Uncle Bill unveiled part of his elaborate plan for the XBox a few months ago when he showed off the operating system that would link every component of the typical entertainment system together through a common interface, with the XBox at its core. This is obviously not your granddad's PS2!

6) XBox gamers will soon be playing against their counterparts throughout the world, using broadband connections, as Microsoft powers up the console's online gaming feature. Try that on your PS2, fuzzy brain!

7) Plus, game developers are now producing add-on packs so XBox users can modify their games. All gamers have to do is install the add-ons onto the built-in hard drive (something else the PS2 lacks). You can also substitute your favorite music for the lame soundtracks used by the game manufacturers.

Add to all of this the fact that the manufacturer of the XBox is opening a new facility in China in an effort to cut its loses and you can only draw one conclusion: This baby's going to be around for a looooooooooooooooong time.

I also think it's time for the webdud on the right to get his head out of the sand and see the whole picture.


Have you heard the latest news? Star Wars isn't the hottest thing out right now.

Sony recently announced the price drop of its PS2 to $199 and who followed suit? Microsoft!

Even at $199 the XBox isn't worth it. As you all know, I have a PS2 and I love it. I love the graphics, the sound, the gameplay and the game selection.

After Microsoft announced its price drop, I went to the store and considered buying it. I picked it up, put it back and picked it up again. I was about to buy it and took a look at the games. I then put the XBox back on the shelf and left it there.


Lack of game selection.

It looks like Microsoft's XBox is going to meet the same fate as Sega's Dreamcast. This will be Microsoft's first and last game console.

Everything that's out there for the XBox is out for the PS2: Spy Hunter, Max Payne, Batman Vengence, Spiderman -- the list is endless. I can count the number of XBox only games on my fingers and they don't make buying the console worthwhile. I'd rather use the money for four Playstation games and expand my growing collection.

Rumor has it that Microsoft is losing more than $200 per console because of all of the money that went into building it. Apparently it was priced too low from the beginning. Now I don't know how true it is, nor do I care. Bill Gates deserves to lose a buck or two. The millions lost on the XBox can be found between Billy Boy's cushions -- his couch cushions.

Am I upset?

No. I'll keep playing my PS2 and chuckle when I read about the fact that Microsoft will stop selling its game console, but games will continue being made for it. I expect this announcement to hit the press in a month or two. This happened to Sega not so long ago. Microsoft's six-month-old baby won't live to see its first birthday.

I knew this was going to happen and I was right. And, while I hate to admit the fact that I'm right, I can't help it. I'm always right.

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