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Say Good-bye to Win '98 Support

Category: 2002 Published on Wednesday, 18 March 2009
Mike Berman
Dave Berman

Remember when you were forced to eat spinach or some other food you despised?

Remember how you would try to fight back, but would always be coerced into taking one bite -- and how bitter it tasted?

Well, now Uncle Bill is trying to force you to upgrade from Windows 98. And, no matter how much you resist, he's going to make you spend your hard-earned cash on something you may not need or want.

He's doing this by withdrawing all support for Windows 98, which means the thousands of computer users that still using the older operating system will be left stranded. Up the creek. No paddle. No canoe!

You can equate this to an auto mechanic refusing to work on your car because it's more than five years old. Or being forced to replace your appliances every five years, because their manufacturers refuse to service them.

Obviously that doesn't happen in the "real" world, but this goes on in the world of computers all the time.

Obviously this is how our silicon-based billionaires make their money and I really can't deny them that. But let's at least have some consideration for those of us that, until now, never saw a need to upgrade or to dump their software or hardware because it was old. Whatever happened to the adage "if you don't need it, don't buy it"?

Now, old frizzy-dome will tell you that there are many reasons to dump your old stuff. And it's for your own good -- just like eating spinach. Well, I'm telling you that you shouldn't have to eat it if you don't like it -- or need it!

Some consumers and technogeeks, such as myself and my egotistical offspring on the right, often jump at the chance to use things that are newer, faster and (sometimes) better. But that's our choice -- not one that's been made for us.

It's time to fight back! Email Microsoft and the hundreds of other dweebs in the business that are refusing to support your favorite piece of software or hardware. Let them know how you feel about being left stranded and being forced to upgrade to something you don't want -- or need.


Alright banana-breath, lets get it on!

What does spinach have to do with the price of corn? What does Microsoft no longer supporting Windows 98 have to do with your lack of hair?


While I am a big fan of Windows 98, I believe that trying something new isn't always a bad thing. Like underwear. I just bought this nifty tight blue number. I've never felt better and my boys aren't swinging for the fences anymore. It's new and something I wouldn't have done previously. My favorite color's red. Do I have any regrets other than telling you, the website visitor? Not one.

I've been running Windows XP since it first came out. It works very well. It runs games and networking is a cinch. It even has this neat RDP feature* that allows you to take control of your machine remotely from another. Microsoft has finally done something right. I must say that Windows Millenium was their only mistake. I tried it and quickly went back to Windows 98. However since going with XP, I haven't turned back. Mike's even using it!

I think it's ironic that Mike makes his money off of Microsoft and the products that work with their operating systems. He even swears by it from time to time, however he has so many problems (insert witty comment here). If you don't like it, switch to Linux you boob!

Also lets not forget that even though Windows 98 may no longer be supported by Microsoft, people will still be using it. No matter what the schlept over on the left says, people will not upgrade. With all of the support available on the Ineternet and the plethora** of books available in any bookstore, Windows 98 support won't die with Microsoft.

Furthermore there are always newsgroups, forums and people that you can contact for help. Take our Techboard for example. We have helped thousands upon thousands of our daily web site visitors with all sorts of computer problems. OK, I'm exaggerating. We've helped 10 or so, but they are a very happy 10!

I'll leave you with this:

Would you stop wearing Levis jeans if they went out of style?

I didn't think so.

Webmaster's note: At this point in time I'm kicking Mike's butt in the poll. However knowing him, he won't remove it until he wins. It'll be up there for a very long time.

* RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. It's pretty darn neat. Try it if you have more than one computer.

** I always wanted to use plehtora in a sentence while wearing tight blue underwear. Now I did. I feel pretty darn good about it too.

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