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Best of 2002

Category: 2002 Published on Wednesday, 18 March 2009
Mike Berman
Dave Berman

Have you read the drivel Dubious Dave has foisted upon us this time? Go ahead, read it first then come back. I'll wait . . .

Usually, I let the frizzy-headed wonder come up with the ideas for these bombastic battles so he can appear a lot more cerebral than he really is, but -- clearly -- I've failed.

Anyone that has taken the time to actually read (instead of imitate) my December TechTalk columns knows that I've already been down this path in the guise of the Bermie Awards, which are given to what I consider to be the best techie products of the year.

But, alas, it appears I'll have to respond with more favorites.

Best roleplaying game -- Although I find most RPGs to be deadly boring and repetitive (I have a problem sticking with them for more than an hour or two), the best this year has to be, unfortunately, Neverwinter Nights. Yep, I agree with old frizzy dome on this one, but the choice was a no-brainer. Nothing really came close!

Best Playsation 2 / Xbox / Gamecube game -- Don't use them, but if he wants to spend his time turning people into chickens, more power to him!

Best TechTalk article -- All of 'em!

Best Berman vs. Berman article -- None of them!

Best Berman vs. Berman quote --" I knew this was coming. I saw the signs --- the frizzy hair, erratic movements, too much caffeine --- but I didn't expect it would happen this soon!"

Best personal moment -- Dave announcing he finally got his own place - - - many miles from here!

Happy holidays, and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2003.

Now while I haven't been particularly nice this year, it doesn't really matter -- I'm Jewish and Hanukkah Harry doesn't keep a list. I'll be nice once Mike grows hair.

That having been said, I'd like to take this opportunity to revisit this past year and talk about the best of 2002.

Best roleplaying game -- Neverwinter Nights for the PC. Despite getting mixed reviews, this was quite the game. It also comes with a toolset that allows you to build additional campaigns. It's easy to do and kept my interest for several months.

Best Playsation 2 / Xbox / Gamecube game -- Ratchet and Clank for the PS2. Good graphics, lots of options and weapons. Normally I don't stick with games, but I stuck with this one. I finished it in about 30 hours and spent Thanksgiving weekend playing it.

Best moment at work -- refer to "Best personal moment".

Best TechTalk article -- I don't read them, do you?

Best Berman vs. Berman article -- All of the ones I've written. I'm great and if I wasn't me, I'd marry myself. If I wasn't me and I was married to someone else, I'd have a torrid affair with me.

Best Berman vs. Berman quote -- "You may have won this time, but at least I don't smell funny. And while slinging insults never helped anyone, it brings a smile to my face. Baldy." Need I say more?

Best personal moment -- farting in my office and having someone walk in while I was trying to leave because it stunk so badly. He asked his question and I tried not laughing because I could see that he had smelled it too. Neither of us said anything about it.

Happy holidays and all that other crap.

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