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Browser Wars - Final Episode?

Category: 2002 Published on Wednesday, 18 March 2009
Mike Berman
Dave Berman

Let's begin by looking at the facts, something that seems to elude Webdud Dave.

The fact that Uncle Bill and the Boys from Redmond got their butts kicked in court opened the door for companies like AOL to try to get a piece of the action.

It doesn't matter that the Netscape web browser is inferior, which it clearly is, or that 99.9% of all computer users running Windows would probably choose Internet Explorer over Netscape. That's not the point!

What we have here is a perfectly legitimate claim -- at least in the eyes of the Justice Department and the horde of state attorneys general that keep pursuing Microsoft -- that Uncle Bill has made it impossible for Netscape to compete since 1995 because Internet Explorer is imbedded into the Windows operating system and can't be removed without really screwing things up.

Therein lies AOL's case. They claim that Netscape was unable to afford to keep up with the Microsoft megalopoly (they weren't owned by AOL then) because they were forced to give away their browser (Netscape users were paying for the privilege until 1995) in order to compete with IE, which was always free.

Quality of product really never comes into play. The question that needs to be answered is: "would Netscape have been able to produce a better, more compet-itive product if they and IE were competing on a level playing field?"

I'm afraid this war's going to drag on, and on, and on.

Let me start by saying I'm sorry. I'm sorry because I whipped Mike's butt last week and I'm going to do it again this week!

Bring it on Daddy-O!

Now onto the important stuff.

In recent news AOL is suing Microsoft because Internet Explorer owns most of the market share and there's no room for poor old Netscape.

Is this really newsworthy? Is it really important? Am I really as good looking as my picture up above?

No, no, yes.

Netscape can't compete. They're just crying over spilled milk and don't have a leg to stand on.

Now while there's no way to uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows XP, I really don't see a need to. I stopped using Netscape with version 4.7. Once version 6 came out it fell on its face. Even if Mike doesn't admit to it, he wrote about it here.

Even this website is Internet Explorer friendly. Our daily and weekly reports show that less than 4% of our website visitors use Netscape. Most everyone else uses IE 5.0 or higher. So that's what the website is optimized for. I'm not going to spend time making this work in each and every browser. I am just going to appeal to the masses. The rest can switch to Internet Explorer.

Don't blame Microsoft for being successful.

Don't blame Bill Gates for being richer than God.

Don't blame me for being right all the time.

All of you AOL and Linux advocates can put your shotguns away. The war's over.

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