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Yogen, Targus, Proporta and Mophie Boost Energy

Category: Hardware Published on Tuesday, 06 April 2010

A Shot of Adrenaline for your Portable Devices 


I've become buried in universal charging devices. And, you know what? They all work!

On my desk right now are a true "green energy" charger from Easy Energy, a charging powerhouse from Targus, a universal charger from Proporta and a Mophie Juice Pack. You could call it an abundance of adrenaline for all of your portable devices.

The most unique of these is the Yogen charger from Easy Energy ($49.99). OK, so the purists out there will tell me that nothing is "unique, but, in this case, I beg to differ.

The Yogen generates its own energy - - - there's no need to plug it in to a power source or electrical outlet to restore power. All you need to do is pull its handle a few times and it charges your portable device. Pretty cool (and "green").

The one I played with came with tips for devices made by LG, Sony and Ericson (with the promise of more tips in the future) and a tip to fit any device with a mini-USB port. They also have a model that works with the iPhone (although they're still working on 3GS compatibility) and older generation iPods.

This is also the samllest of the charging devices I tested.

The Premium Laptop Charger from Targus ($149.99) can charge your laptop and a portable device at the same time and comes equipped with power cords that allow you to draw power from any electrical source, including cars, boats and airplanes.

The one I played with came with tips for portable devices with mini-USB ports, BlackBerries, iPods and iPhones in addition to connections for almost every laptop computer on the market. But, the cool thing here is, you can get any other tips free when you register the charger.

The folks at Proporta have hit the market with the USB TurboCharger 3400 ($46.95). This small charger stores up to 3400 mAH, which means it can be used several times before needing a recharge. The only drawback is that it gets its power throught the USB port of your laptop or desktop computer. There's no way to connect it to an electrical outlet or other power source.

That aside, it is able to provide adequate power for just about any portable device, ranging from iPods and iPhones to any device with a micro or mini USB port. It also comes with adapters for Nokia and Sony/Erickson devices. In addition, the package incldes a retractable USB cable and a drawstring case. You can also get a free connector head for a Sony PSP by logging on to the company's web site.

The Mophie Juice Pack ($49.95) is made specifically for the iPhone. The one you use depends on the model of iPhone you have. The concept is fairly simple: You charge the Juice Pack and iPhone separately and then insert the iPhone into the device - - - sort of like putting a new back on your phone. This results in additional power for your iPhone, significantly increasing the time for talking and playing between charges.

For more information on any of these products, check out,, and

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