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Power Up Your Mobile Devices

Category: Hardware Published on Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Charge It with Products from Ventev and Kirk H&J 

Mobile devices: How do I charge thee? Let me count the ways.

Well, if it was up to the folks at Ventev, a division of TESSCO Technologies, the answer would be nine (plus the choice of three cables).

We played with four of Ventev's chargers: a Dashport r1200 Mini ($20), a  Dashport r22300 dual USB Universal Rapid Charger with a micro USB cable ($35), The Wallport e1100 Single USB Eco Charger with a micro USB cable ($25) and a Wallport  r2200 Dual USB Universal Rapid Charger with a micro USB cable ($35). The Dashport chargers are, obviously, made for anything with a standard vehicle cigarette lighter and the Wallports plug into standard wall outlets. The single-port chargers will rejuvenate one device at a time, while the dual chargers can handle any two devices, ranging from phones to tablets and GPS devices.

We were especially impressed by the two rapid chargers we tested, both recharging our devices in a fraction of the time it takes when using a conventional charger, and we didn't suffer from reduced battery life, as is the case with many rapid chargers. 

The cables are optional and varied. This means you can purchase these chargers without cables (and use a standard USB cable) or purchase them with micro USB, Apple or Apple Lightning compatible cables. You can also purchase these cables separately.

Another big favorite of ours is the iNPOFii Mobile Wireless Charging System from Kirk H&J (no price available). iNPOFi stands for iNvisible POwer Field, which pretty accurately describes how this system works.

The charging system consists of three components: a mobile phone case that fits either an Apple iPhone 4/4S or a Samsung Galaxy S III, a charging stand and your choice of a wall or dashboard plug (which connects to a USB cable attached to the charging stand).  You simply put your phone into the case (which looks like a standard mobile phone case), plug in the charging stand and lay the phone on top of it. The case has a built-in micro USB or Apple connector that plugs into your phone when you insert it. No tangled wires, no hunting for cables and no fear of radiation when using cables to charge your phone.

The only drawback is that you can't synch your phone to a computer or other device when it's in the case, because the charging/synch port is covered. This can be frustrating for those of you that frequently download stuff from your phones, but, for most of us, its a minor inconvenience.

The charger uses a non-radiation technology perfected by Kirk H&J, which makes it safer to use than most charging systems. It also has a built-in battery, which means you can still charge your device during a power outage. The company doesn't specify how many charges you can get, but we were able to use it twice without connecting it to a power source. The charger also automatically shuts down once your phone has been fully charged and turns itself on if it detects a battery that needs a boost of power.

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