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CS10 Makes Everything Crystal Clear

Category: Hardware Published on Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I Can Hear You Now

Amplifiers to aid those of us that are, unadmittingly, getting older and a bit hearing impaired have been around for a long time. Although they aren't doctor-prescribed hearing aids, they can be used to help us hear sounds we've been missing as we age.  

The folks at SoundWorld Solutions has taken this to the next level with the CS10 Personal Sound Amplifier ($299.99), combining sound amplification and "clarity control" with Bluetooth technology so the device can be used with your mobile phone  - - - replacing traditional Bluetooth headsets.   

The unit comes with everything you need to get started - - - two batteries, three customizable ear tips, a charger and a headset. The only decision you have to make when purchasing it is whether you want it for your right or left ear.

You can set up the CS10 to suit your specific needs by using its Android app or Mac software. Unfortunately we weren't able to test this feature because the software isn't available yet for Windows computers or iOS devices (but they're "coming soon"). This meant, that we were only able to test it using the three preprogrammed modes built into the unit.

Despite this, we were able to filter out background noise, amplify TV/stereo sound and answer the phone fairly easily by using the two buttons on the earpiece. We also found one mode that amplified all of the sounds around us, including cellophane crumpling, nut cracking and dog barking . . . .but, by playing with the volume settings and experimenting with the built-in amplification modes, we were able to decrease these sounds to a tolerable level.

The Bluetooth feature enabled us to answer any calls we received while using the device AND amplified the voice of the caller.

More information on the CS10 can be found at

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