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The Pioneer Premier DEH-P600UB Delivers:

Category: Hardware Published on Saturday, 28 February 2009

Sound, Glorious Sound 

Michael L. Berman's Blog
Sept. 17
, 2008

I'm one of those annoying people that cruises around town with my favorite tunes blasting from my car's stereo system. In fact, I demand the same quality in sound reproduction I get from my home system.

The Pioneer Premier DEH-P600UB CD Receiver ($270) delivers that and more, cranking out a sweet 50 watts of sound per channel (for up to four channels). This baby can also be upgraded to provide Bluetooth compatibility, satellite radio and HD-FM, or you can purchase the DEH-P700BT ($310), which includes the Bluetooth adapter. In addition, if you're an iPodite, you can plug your music player into the unit's USB port and control it directly from the receiver or the included remote control.

If all of this isn't enough, here are a few more features:

  • It has a removable faceplate that can be stored in a case that comes with the receiver.
  • It can play MP3, WMA and ACC files stored on CDs.
  • You can attach an external amplifier and speakers to its three RCA Hi-Volt outputs.
  • Its three-line digital display gives you all the information you need about what tunes are playing or what station you're listening to. In addition, you can use it to search for your favorite tunes on your iPod.
  • Its Supertuner technology virtually eliminates noise and distortion.
  • You can store 24 of your favorite radio stations on its six buttons.
  • It comes with a two-year warrantee.
  • Its remote control gives any back-seat driver the ability to play his/her favorite tunes, etc.
  • It has a seven-band equalizer.

The list is endless.

For more information on the DEH-P600UB, check out the Pioneer Electronics Web site.

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