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Adesso hits the market with three new keyboards

Category: Hardware Published on Sunday, 01 March 2009

Satisfying a Keyboard Fetish

Michael L. Berman's Blog
July 16
, 2008

I am sitting here buried in keyboards. They're everywhere I look - - - on the shelves, on the floor and, of course, attached to my computers. So, in an effort to keep from tripping over them and to restore some order in my life, let me clue you in to a few from Adesso that I really like.

How about a waterproof keyboard that you can roll up and fit in your briefcase or laptop bag?

The new AKB-230 Flexible Full Sized Keyboard ($34.99) is a silicon-based device that is impervious to liquids, dust and any other nasty elements that threaten a normal keyboard's existence. And, it is designed to work with virtually any Microsoft operating system, including Vista. A few of its other features include:

  • It can be plugged into an USB or PS2 port on your computer.
  • It's a full-sized, 109-key tactile keyboard with illuminated num-lock, caps lock and scroll lock keys.
  • It weighs a hair more than half a pound.
  • It's rugged enough to withstand just about any working environment (the manufacturer claims it has been run over by an automobile and still worked).

Next is the AKB-320 Multimedia Keyboard with Optical Trackball ($45.99), which is a full-sized, 103-key multimedia keyboard with a built-in mouse, a scroll wheel and 21 so-called "hot keys" to access a bevy of functions ranging from e-mail to multimedia. Other key features include:

  • A full-sized numeric keypad;
  • A Windows key (that actually works with Vista) giving you immediate access to the operating system's Start menu;
  • It weighs 1.6 pounds.
  • Depending on the model you buy, you can connect it to either an USB or PS2 port on your computer.

The AKB-430 Win-Touch Pro ($49.99) is a larger-format multimedia keyboard that isn't as elaborate as the AKB-320 and is more for the business user who also wants easy access to the Internet and multimedia functions. Among its key features are:

  • Nine hot keys for Internet and multimedia functions;
  • A built-in touch pad, which you can use instead of a mouse;
  • Wrist support;
  • Power, wake and sleep functions;
  • Back, forward and horizontal scrolling;
  • A full-sized numeric keypad;
  • A Windows Vista start menu key.

All of these keyboards come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty and free tech support.
You can learn more about them keyboards by visiting

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