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It's Time to Get Dad What He Really Wants

Category: Hardware Published on Friday, 24 June 2016

Dad’s day has passed.

Gift cards will be redeemed.

New sweaters will be added to the stockpile for winter.

But did you really get the old man what he really wants? Here are a few suggestions on how to spend that gift card booty or trade in that Dad is Great plastic glass.


SeV Travel Boxers 2.0 ($25)

When we first saw this latest offering from the folks at ScotteVest, we were convinced that the Pocket King - - - Scott Jordan - - - had been smoking a bit too much of Colorado’s whacky weed. But, after trying out a pair, we can’t see going anywhere without them.

Basically these are extremely comfortable men’s boxer underpants with two pockets - - - one in front and another in back. Why pockets you ask? These can be used to safely hold passports or other items while traveling, although we don’t suggest wearing them with the pockets filled with anything that may chafe. They suggest the back pocket be used for passports, while the front pocket can hold a mobile phone, etc.

A few other key features include:

  • They’re made of a quick-drying nylon and Lycra material
  • They’re Aegis odor and stain resistant
  • These are the only boxer shorts we’ve seen with a button fly

BeON Home Security and Safety Lighting System ($225 for three smart modules and three light bulbs)

The first thing you notice when unpacking this lighting/security kit are three so-called smart modules that are inserted into each LED light bulb. These modules are the core of the system, providing battery backup and Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone.

Installation was easy. We just screwed the three light bulbs containing the modules into fixtures around the house, paired them to our smartphone and we were ready to set up our security system, which can be used to:

  • Respond to a doorbell using a built-in microphone even if the light switch is off
  • Provide up to five hours of light during a power outage (the smart module recharges once power is restored and the light switch is turned on)
  • Control or dim lights using a smartphone
  • Program lights to come on at specific times using the “Away Mode.”
  • Turn lights on during a fire alarm, even if the switch is off

Powerhandz Pure Grip Weighted Training Gloves ($69.99)

Truthfully we were a bit reluctant to try these, figuring they were just another golfing improvement scam. Guess what? We were wrong!

Basically the Powerhandz system consists of two weighted gloves. The theory here is to get your hands and muscle memory trained to correctly grip a golf club while strengthening your fingers and forearms for a more efficient and controlled swing. Of course you won’t be using these on the course, but a few minutes of swinging your clubs using these gloves during warmups can make a big difference.

Thermacell Mosquito Repeller Outdoor Lantern ($29.99)

Portability and effectiveness are the keys here.

This lantern/biting insect killer can be used anywhere - - - from backyard barbecues to camping trips - - - to provide a bug-free environment of up to 15 by 15 feet.

The one we tested came with three insect repeller mats and a butane cartridge. The butane cartridge heats up a metal grill inside the lantern, activating the mat, which is sitting on top of the grill. The repellent is known as allethrin, which is a synthetic copy of repellent found in chrysanthemums.

You’ll also need two AA batteries to operate the light in the lantern.

Fizzics ($169)

Imagine, if you can, a world where canned and bottled beer taste like they were poured from a draught spout. That’s the theory here and it works!

Basically, this battery powered beer enhancement system uses high frequency sound waves and oscillation to give off-the-shelf beer a large, creamy, high-density head, enhancing the aroma and taste to resemble draught beers.

Key features include:

  • You can control the level of foam for each beer
  • It’s compatible with all sizes of cans and bottles including bombers, tall-boys and growlers.
  • It only weighs 3.5 pounds
  • Its easy to clean

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