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New GE Phones Bring the Future to Your Home

Category: Hardware Published on Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Thompson Gets it Right with New Line of GE Telephones

Michael L. Berman's Blog
Oct. 30 , 2007

The folks at Thompson, Inc. almost got it right this time. Their new line of DECT 6.0 phones marketed under the GE brand name, are far superior than their older models and they've almost licked their one, big bugaboo - - - callers sometimes sound like they're miles away.

The new Cell Fusion Home Phone ($179.99), 2-in-1 Internet (Skype) and Standard Phone ($179.99) and Digital Ultra Slim ($69.99) usher in a new era in telephone technology, which not only offer clearer calls using the DECT 6.0 standard, but expand your home phone into a personal communcations system for your home.

The Cell Fusion phone is the most feature-rich system I've ever used, giving you the ability to make and receive cell phone calls (via Bluetooth), make and receive standard landline calls, and function as a digital answering system and speakerphone. You can pair up to two cell phones and, just as long as they're within range of the Cell Fusion's base, you can make or receive calls using your wireless carrier. There's also everything we've come to expect from a decent telephone system, including:

Three-way calling

Compatibility with caller ID and call waiting services

Programmable ringtones and the ability to download new ones

A built-in calendar and phonebook, which can be updated online

A dual keypad for numbers and text

A room monitor which can be accessed by up to seven handsets

Push-to-talk intercom

Volume control and hearing aid compatibility

A headset jack


The 2-in-1 Internet and Standard Phone can access your broadband network to make Skype calls without using your computer. The key here is that the Skype software is built into the handset, eliminating the need for you to access the Skype service using your Web browser. It's also a fully-functional landline phone, allowing you to make calls using your telephone service provider and comes packed with all of the standard features.

This is a big improvement over the older 2-in-1 Phone, which didn't deliver the crisp, clear reception the newer model offers.

The Ultra Slim deserves to be placed in a room where everyone can see it. In addition to clear calls and all of the standard features, this phone is about the size of a slimline cell phone and boasts a large backlit, LCD display.

All of these phone systems use the DECT 6.0 wireless technology, which eliminates interference that used to plague digital phone users.

More information on these and other Thompson GE phone systems can be found at

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