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15th Annual Bermie Awards

Category: Rants Published on Thursday, 09 February 2012

And the Winner Is . . .  


Are you ready????

Sitting down????

It's time for the 15th Annual Bermie Awards presented by - - - ME (we weren't able to get Ricky Gervais)!

As in the past all of the recipients were scrutinized by our distinguished panel of experts and votes tabulated by the distinguished accounting firm of Me, Myself and I.

The Bandwagon Award goes to Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile for trying to attract their share of iAddicts by monopolizing on the iPhone craze. They joined AT&T (which previously had sole rights to the phone) in spending megabucks to promote their iPhone plans generating heavy loses on the product. Now, only Sprint is still hyping the iPhone 4S.

The Most Addictive Game of the Year Award goes to Words with Friends. This game, alone, has contributed more to decreased smartphone battery life than any game introduced during the current millennium. Just don't play it on airplanes.

The Game of the Year Award is, again, awarded to the Call of Duty franchise, this time for Modern Warfare 3. Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have created a realistic graphical universe where it's us against the Russians in a tough to master world of violence, mayhem and sheer fun. We blew ourselves up the first 15 times we played this graphical masterpiece, but perseverance finally paid off with victory.

The Where is Everybody Award goes to computer hardware developers that seem to be ignoring USB 3.0. Only the makers of external hard drives seem to be taking advantage of the high-speed USB technology, despite its being available for more than a year. Even computer manufacturers seem to be avoiding it by neglecting to include USB 3.0 ports in their computers.

The Awesomenest Online Game Award goes to Star Wars: The Old Republic from Electronic Arts. This is a graphical masterpiece and extremely addictive. The introduction, although a bit long, is very well done with a cinematic quality that rivals the best console games. Gameplay is addictive and doesn't suffer from the stutters and slowdowns we've experienced with many online games.

The Most Hyped Vaporware Award goes to Microsoft for its zealous promotion of the yet-to-hit-beta Windows 8 operating system. Although we've been hearing about this complete revamp of Microsoft Windows for several months, we have yet to see a beta version of the software to experience, at least, a sample of what it has to offer. Most of the hype, we believe is an unabashed promotional move to sell more Windows Phones, which will work with Win 8.

The What's a Book Award goes to Amazon for the Kindle Fire. This new color Kindle combines the convenience of an e-reader with the qualities of a seven-inch tablet computer, giving its users the best of both worlds.

The Hardware of the Year Award goes to the Roku 2 XS. This small box takes streaming video to a new level, giving users a selection of more than 300 streaming video channels simply by attaching it to a TV set with an HDMI cable and connecting it to your wireless network. Plus you gat all of these channels in high definition up to 1080p.

That's it for this year.

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