I admit it! I'm a Windows 10 Addict

Category: Rants Published on Monday, 26 January 2015


My name's Michael and I'm a Microsoft Windows 10 Insider.

In the beginning, it wasn't addiction, but curiosity that lured into the world of Insiders. But, soon, I became obsessed and hungered to know more about an operating system that was designed to make all of us forget about the debacle of Windows 8 and wean us off of Windows 7.

Alas, my hunger wasn't satisfied with paltry monthly updates of Windows 10 Technical Preview and I wanted more - - - a lot more!

I began searching the Web - - - hourly - - - for news of new and exciting tools that would get me through the days between updates, but my hunger was never satisfied until last week. That was when the Windows 10 peddlers left the street corners and took center stage to let us all know what the future holds for Windows addicts. And, just as I was preparing to dump the addiction, they pulled me back in with the latest build.

First, they announced that Windows 10 would be "free" for the first year for everyone using Windows 7 or Windows 8 and 8.1. Just a taste before the true addiction takes over.

Then, they introduced Cortana, which is a personal digital assistant resembling the unembodied digital voice in the movie "Her" - - - and we all know what happened to THAT guy!

They followed that with Spartan, which is a slimmed down version of Internet Explorer converting a conventional web browser into a tool we may actually use. 

In addition, hidden among all of the flash and dash of dazzling technical jargon aimed to attract consumers, were enticements such as:

This left me, as an addicted Insider, wanting to embrace these new features NOW! Many of them are in the newly-released update, but, we're told we have to wait for versions where they're actually useful. Again, we've been given just a taste of what's to come (the Start Menu and a hint of Cortana), with promises of a stronger dose, month-by-month, as Windows 10 nears its release date.

You won't see us in public or on street corners, because we rarely leave our computers. But we're out there. Thirsting for something new to ingest from Microsoft.


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