It's Been a Long, Hot Summer

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Sign of the Times, etc., etc., etc.

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Aug. 22
, 2008

You know it's a bad Summer when:

--- Ziff-Davis pulls the plug on its DigitalLife exhibition scheduled for September at the Javitts Center in NYC.

In an official proclaimation, Paul O'Reilly, vice president of DigitalLife said:

"After careful deliberations, we have decided to postpone the DigitalLife show scheduled for September 25-28. The poor economic conditions have created a very different and difficult dynamic for us this year and we weren't confident that we could present a show experience that was consistent with the successes of prior years. Hopefully a bigger and stronger DigitalLife will return in 2009. We will make additional announcements about the future of the show when details are available."

A glance at the tradeshow's Web site reveals a pronounced decline in exhibitors for what had become the only tech/gamer/consumer computer trade show in New York. Hopefully it will return bigger and better in 2009.

--- Uncle Bill and his cronies at Microsoft try to fool some of the people all of the time by introducing the "Mojave" operating system to a select bunch of Vistaphobes. Mojave turned out to be Vista disguised as a new operating system.

In an effort to shore up sagging sales of its new operating system, the folks at Microsoft decided to pull a fast one on its anti-Vista computer users. Most of these folks have been refusing to upgrade from Windows XP and really haven't seen anything in the new operating system that would make them want to switch.

So, unbeknownst to them, a few selected computer users were shown "Mojave," which the Boys from Redmond declared was the code name for a new, improved Windows operating system.

Once the reviews were in - - - Microsoft says that they were overwhelmingly favorable - - - it was revealed that the new operating system was actually Microsoft Vista.

--- Microsoft issued a slew of updates (17 and counting) to Vista Ultimate within a week's time.

I'm not sure if this was a direct result of the Mojave con, but right after the reults were in, Microsoft issued a ton of updates for Vista. Many may have been security related, but my gut tells me they faound a few more bugs in the system and performed some heavy pesticide control.

--- A slew of software companies are now distributing their products on line rather than selling a physical shrink-wrapped product in an effort to cut distribution costs.

This, my friends, is dangerous, especially if you're one of the minions that don't back up the files on their hard drives on a regular basis. One system crash and you can say good-bye to the software, emailed registration codes and other data.

Please, software manufacturers of the world, bring back the CD!

But, alas, Summer is almost over. We can only hope for a better Fall and Winter.

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