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The Opening Act for Digitallife

Category: Rants Published on Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Showstoppers Shines Spotlight on New Products

Michael L. Berman's Blog
Oct. 15 , 2007

It was the opening act before the main event.

Showstoppers focused its spotlight on about 25 tech gadgets, toys and gizmos the night before Digitallife opened at the Javitts Center in Manhattan a couple of weeks ago, giving exhibitors a chance to meet with scribes from all sorts of publications at a small, informal gathering at the New York Times Conference Center.

Some of the featured products were just updates or revivals of older software and hardware, but there were a few that were worthy of the "I've gotta have it" label. Among those that caught my eye were:

Nero announced Nero 8, a new, fully integrated suite of DVD/CD burning and authoring products boasting a new, sleeker interface and full compatibility with Microsoft Vista.

Axentra and LaCie announced a 500GB Personal Media Server using HipServ that makes it easy to save, sync, show and share your favorite files on a home network.

Paragon showed off its new Hard Disk Manager Suite, which puts everything you need to maintain the performance of your hard drive under one interface. They also announced a new utility that will allow you to transport Mac files to a PC and read them using a USB memory device.

Noromis announced an alliance with dotPhoto to create the dotPhoto PhotoLab by Noromis, which will make Noromis the default desktop application for all dotPhoto customers.

BlueAnt announced their new Z9 Bluetooth headset, which isolates exterior noise, making it easier for people to hear you when you make a call using your digital phone.

Diskkeeper showed off the new version of its hard disk defragging software, which is faster and easier to use than older versions and will work with Microsoft Vista.

LeapFrog introduced the FlyPen, a new pentop computer designed to help students with their homework. The pen not only recognizes handwriting on special paper, but it can also solve math problems and correct grammatical mistakes.

CheckPoint Software, the folks that gave us ZoneAlarm, announced a free Internet utility called ForceField that analyzes Web sites for security problems, etc.

Soundolier showed off its new lamp/speaker combination, where a speaker and amplifier are embedded in a tall torche-type lamp.

The folks at Iomega showed off their new line of eGo portable hard drives and new storage systems for networks.

Backpackshield featured their new bulletproof shield designed to protect computers and other contents that we carry around in backpacks.

Shure showed off their new SE110 Sound Isolating Earphones that are one of the few in-ear earphones that can block out noise and other interference to maximize your listening experience.


These are only a few of the new products heading your way as the holiday season approaches.

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