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Easy-to-Understand Guides from Microsoft Press

Category: Software Published on Thursday, 05 August 2010

 Microsoft Makes You Office 2010 Proficient with Six New Books

The Boys from Redmond don't spend ALL their time updating old versions of their software. In fact, they have a whole division that wants you to become profocient in using their products. And, with the recent upgrade of the popular Microsoft Office product line, store shelves are now jammed with their books designed to walk you through all of the new features of Office 2010.


All of these books are published by the Microsoft Press and distributed by the folks at O'Reilly Media, which is no slouch at publishing their own computer tomes. But I digress.

The day Microsoft Office 2010 was released, Microsoft Press hit the market with six books in their Plain & Simple and Step-by-Step series:

  •  Microsoft Office 2010 Plain & Simple by Katherine Murray ($29.99)
  •  Microsoft Excel 2010 Plain & Simple by Curtis D. Frye ($24.99)
  •  Microsoft Outlook 2010 Plain & Simple by James Boyce ($24.99)
  •  Microsoft Project 2010 Step-by-Step by Carl Chatfield and Timothy Johnston ($29.99)
  •  Microsoft Excel 2010 Step-by-Step by Curtis D. Frye ($29.99)
  •  Microsoft Word Step-by-Step by Joyce Cox and Joan Lambert ($29.99)

The Plain & Simple series seems to be designed for those of us that need quick answers to our questions and are so-called "visual learners." These books actually show you how to perform specific tasks -- from setting up spreadsheets to organizing email -- in an easy-to-follow format.

The Step-by-Step series is for those of us that want to learn a bit more about using these programs. They walk you through every process from inception to conclusion, no matter how complicated the task. There are also practice files designed to be used with various chapters available online that can be downloaded to your computer.

No matter which series of books you choose, you'll discover that they're an extremely easy read, keeping computer jargon to a minimum. The Plain & Simple books use more of a conversational style of writing than those in the Step-by-Step series. But neither series of books talks down to readers. It's sort of like having a teacher or coach sitting beside you, guiding you through each process.

More information on these books and other Microsoft Press titles can be found at or

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