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New Sports Games Hit the Selves

Category: Software Published on Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Unlucky 13? Gamemakers Hope Not! 

The number 13: Ominous, foreboding, evil and often unlucky (just ask Alex Rodriguez). But game developers are hoping they'll be good luck as they flood the market with a bevy of titles ending with 13.

Sitting here are copies of Madden NFL 13, NHL 13 and FIFA Soccer 13 from EA Sports; and Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 from Konami. All of these games have one thing in common: Their creators want you to believe there are significant changes to make you dump all of the titles that bore the number 12.

The biggest changes in these games are the updates in team rosters and, with some, the ability to abandon the joystick, get off the couch and PLAY using either the Xbox Kinect system or Playstation Move (which does require a joystick).

Here, briefly, are a few of the major improvements to each game.

Madden NFL 13 ($59.99)

  • Players using Xbox Kinect systems can use voice commands for the offense and defense.
  • Audio commentary from Phil Simms and Jim Nantz.
  • Tons of changes in the way players react on the screen including improved receiver awareness, more control over the quarterback and the ability to change strategy in mid-play.
  • Connected Careers, which allows you to create a player and follow his progress throughout the season.
  • Genuine calls and cadences using the voices of several NFL quarterbacks.

NHL 13 ($59.99)

  • True Performance Skating, which includes more than 1,000 new animations giving your players additional capabilities that were unavailable in previous versions.
  • Hockey I.Q., which governs the behavior of players and increasing the awareness of other players on the ice.
  • You can act as a general manager by creating your own 30-team league to play against other gamers.
  • You can recreate some of the most thrilling moments in the NHL.

FIFA Soccer 13 ($59.99)

  • Players can now analyze plays and create new attacking opportunities.
  • Players have more control over the ball.
  • Player control is more realistic with players reacting individually to different situations on offense and defense.
  • There are more options available for free kicks.
  • You can play Skill Games to master the fundamental skills to play better during a match.
  • You can build a team consisting of the game's greatest players.
  • You have access to the rosters of more than 500 teams in 50 leagues from around the world.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 ($59.99)

  • Full control over the ball including dribbling, shooting and first touch.
  • Recreation of the moves of some of the top soccer players.
  • Refinement over coach and player decisions.
  • Improved animation of goalkeeper and player motions.

For more information on any of these games, go to or

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