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I LIKE Windows 8

Category: Software Published on Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Public Apology 

I owe all of the experts, technogeeks and members of the tech reviewing community an apology - - - you see, and this really hurts to admit, I LIKE Windows 8!

Now, I know this seems like a betrayal to the geekazoid community, but I can't help it. Maybe there's something askew with my tech tendencies to bash everything from Microsoft. But, truthfully, although there are a few things The Boys from Redmond could have done better, I have found very little to hate about the new PC operating system.

In the beginning, when Win 8 was in Beta and so-called "preview" mode, I was determined to hate it. My computer would constantly crash, many of the apps didn't work and the new tiled interface was a bit daunting, at best (where the hell did all of my programs go????).

But all of those damaging faults, for which I was prepared to slam Microsoft after the Win 8 release date, are gone. Vanished! Gone with the proverbial wind!

In fact, all of the computers we're running it on are running faster, have fewer problems and have benefitted from the upgrade. Even computer neophytes we've exposed to Win 8 have taken to the new interface a lot faster than we expected. And guess what? They LIKE it, too!

In the next few weeks we'll be taking a closer look at the new OS, offering a few tips to make it easier to make it easier to use. But, for now, as Mikey in those old commercials learned: "Try it, you'll like it!"

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