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This little guy has absolutely nothing to do with this website. The webmaster just thought he looked cool.

Title Created Date Hits
Repetitive Tasks Simplified 13 April 2012 1578
Feeding the Addiction 06 July 2011 1551
Acrobat Improving with Age 23 May 2011 1395
There's No Reason to EVER Stop Using Your iPad! 28 March 2011 1508
'To the Cloud' 16 February 2011 1674
They're Out There! 30 November 2010 1427
Civilization Becomes More Civilized 05 October 2010 1539
Easy-to-Understand Guides from Microsoft Press 05 August 2010 1554
Faster, More Intuitive but . . . 23 July 2010 1596
Game On!!!!!!! 20 November 2009 1839
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