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Mijam Minis offer Everything from Drums to Flowers to Keep the Music Flowing

Michael L. Berman's Blog
July 30 , 2007

Store shelves are filled with electronic gadgets aimed at tots and teens, but what about the 'tweeners? You know, those unfortunate souls caught in the undefineable years known as "pre-teen."

A company known as b2 has narrowed the gap by introducing several gadgets aimed at the tweener set, including the mijam Mini Drumpad ($20), the mijam Mini Keyz ($20), the mijam Mini Guitar ($20), and the mijam Mini Mixer ($20). All of these mini tunemakers fit in a shirt pocket or on a keyring and wll allow your music-addicted offspring to jam along with their favorite tunes.

The Mini Drumpad has icons for snare and bass drums, tom-toms, and cymbals. Plug in a set of headphones and a music player and you can jam with the hits just by hitting the different icons.

The others work basically the same way, with the Mini Guitar reproducing all sorts of guitar rhythms and the Mini Keyz becoming a pocket-sized keyboard. The Mini Mixer allows you to become a DJ, boasting a wide range of sound effects.

All of these mijam minis can be attached to music players, headphones and speakers.

If all of this isn't enough to satisfy their need for something geekish, mijam also offers the miFlower ($25), which interacts with your music player by moving its petals, responding differently to each tune. It also features a small screen upon which it displays its emotions. It even snores!

For the iPodites in the crowd, there's miLites ($20), which, in addition to being a protective cover for an iPod, will light up and flash a variety of patterns. They also come in a variety of graphic designs.

Finally, we have Wassup! ($25), which is a sound-activated robot that twists and turns to music or other sounds. This rabitt-like robot comes in pink or blue and has two speakers and a "dancing speaker."

For more information on any of these products go to www.b2stuff.com.




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