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Cut me? No no no no no, CUT YOU!

Category: 2002 Published on Wednesday, 18 March 2009
Mike Berman
Dave Berman

Unlike my young, frizzy-domed friend, I have survived several layoffs and was a victim of one last year.

Also, I've seen what awaits those of you seeking jobs in today's market -- and it ain't pretty!

Is there an alternative for Big Biz to putting another 5,000 folks on the unemployment line? You bet! But none of these companies care enough to even pursue them.

Robert K. Weller, chairman and CEO of the Giga Information Group Inc., outlines some basic steps every IT operation should take in an article he wrote for Information Week on Dec. 24.

Links to Mr. Weller's article and others on the subject can be found at

Nowhere in his article does Mr. Weller even refer to layoffs as a logical path to survival. In fact, he says that laying people off is a sure sign of more to come and that the company isn't aware of its real problems.

Another great article can be found at Called "Life Begins When You're Fired," it shows how anyone can take advantage of being laid off by seeing it as an opportunity to make something better of yourself.

In fact, the rash of layoffs, particularly in the media and high-tech industries, can be directly linked to gross mismanagement, not employee failure. Find me one company that is operating more efficiently with fewer people and the same management team and I'll give you credit for uncovering a miracle!

Am I bitter? You bet!

But some good things came out of the ashes of my career --- this website for one. Plus I learned never to trust those that hold you fate --- and a company's purse strings --- in his hands.

Never feel secure. Never feel comfortable. And, most importantly, never stop circulating your resume.

I'm happy. Happy for quite a few reasons:

  • I'm witty, charming and intelligent
  • I'm not Mike
  • I still have a job

As companies continue to struggle, they're starting to realize that the only way to meet their bottom line is to cut jobs. IBM, HP and potentially quite a few other big names are getting rid of the fat and laying off a good number of their employees.

IBM announced that it was cutting 5,000 jobs. That may not seem like a lot when considering that IBM has near 150,000 employees in the U.S. alone, but it is a lot if you happen to be one of those without a job.

Just after HP purchased COMPAQ, they're expected to lay off a total of 10,000 jobs by November 1 and another 5,000 next year. Whatever you do, don't buy a COMPAQ.

What can I say?

I can say:

  • Gosh I'm lucky to have a job.
  • Ahhhh, he deserved to lose it!
  • That Mike guy really has problems.

Why should I care of Joe Schmuck loses his job? At least it isn't me. Weed out the weak and keep the strong. It's survival of the fittest in the 21st Century baby! It also happens to be survival of those that kiss the most ass and I'm one of the best.

If I did care, I'd say "There are several other ways to avoid laying people off. Don't give out bonuses. Stop with the holiday parties and picnics. Don't pay Mr. VP megabucks to play golf in his office. Give Dave a well-deserved raise."

I'll manage to keep living my life while people all over the world lose their jobs. It'll be tough, but I'll get by. Lotto, working 9 to 6 and going home to watch wrestling on my big screen TV will continue to be a part of my life.

I know I come across as being pompous, sarcastic and pushy -- I am. Guess what? I still have a job!

- Employed Frustrated Uncertified Senior Systems Administrator

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