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Music to My Ears

Category: Hardware Published on Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Trade in those Dad's Day Gifts for the Gift of Sound from Sony 

Hey Pop: Dad's Day is over! Now it's time to gather all of the T-shirts and ties and trade them in for something you really want.


For instance, check out the new Series W Walkman from Sony ($59.95). This is a small MP3 player designed for those of us that need to listen to our favorite tunes while mowing the lawn, exercising or jogging.

The first thing you notice is how small this baby is - - - and that there are no wires. The earbuds are part of the unit, which fits around the back of your head with the two buds resting comfortably in your ears.

Other features include:

-- Three replaceable sets of earbuds so you can choose the set that's most comfortable for you.

-- The ability to drag and drop your favorite tunes from iTunes or Windows Media Player onto the unit's hard drive.

-- Ninety minutes of play time with just a three-minute charge. A full charge will give you 11 hours of uninterrupted music.

-- Use the Zappin' feature to scroll through your tunes to find the perfect melody to fit your mood. There's also a "jog dial."

If you are emotionally attached to your old music player, Sony's new Noise Cancelling Earbuds ($249.95) come with seven ear cushion sizes; a gold-plated, L-type stereo mini plug; carrying case; in-flight plug adapter; and a cord adjuster.

Although the price is a bit excessive (comparable to what you'd pay for a high-end Bose headset), this is the first earbud-type noise cancelling device I've tried that actually works. Other key features include:

-- It effectively eliminates up to 98 percent of ambient noise when the noise cancelling circuit is activated.

-- Unlike similar headsets, you don't lose sound quality when using the noise cancelling feature.

-- It analyzes the sound around you to provide the proper noise cancelling mode.

-- You get up to 16 hours of listening time from one AA battery.

For more information on either of these products, check out Sony's website at

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