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New Gadgets from Wisair and Apricorn

Category: Hardware Published on Tuesday, 06 July 2010

Two Devices You Never Knew You Needed - - - Until Now 

Ever run across stuff you never knew you needed until you used 'em? Here are a couple of items that easily fall into that category.


The Wisair Wireless USB Audio/Video Adapter Set ($199.99) delivers audio and video from your PC or laptop to any TV, projector or other display device without using cables. Marketed in the U.S. by Cables Unlimited, this wireless device is easy to install and requires very little configuring by the user. It can also connect to a TV's HDMI port to deliver 720p high definition video.

Although it worked great when I tested it, there are a few caveats before you rush out to purchase one of these babies:

-- Although it boasts a range of 30 feet, the transmitter (which is connected to your computer) and the receiver (which is connected to the TV or projector) must have a clear line of sight. Don't even THINK of transmitting a signal from another room.

-- It won't work using a Mac operating system.

-- Make sure you download the software upgrade from before trying to install it on computer using Windows 7 or on a 64-bit computer.

This next item falls into the "why didn't I think of that" category.

Apricorn has come out with the ultimate accessory for netbook users. The Aegis NetDock ($189 with a 500GB hard drive, $89 without) adds everything that's missing from the netbook universe.

The one I tested came with a CD/DVD drive, four USB ports and 500 GB of extra storage space, making it easy for me to install programs to the netbook, backup my system and data and attach or charge any USB 2.0 devices. It also comes with DVD burning and data sync software. You can also open the back of the unit to install or replace the hard drive.

This is a true plug-and-play device that attaches to the USB port on your netbook and takes only a few minutes to set up.

For more information on either of these products, check out and

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