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Charge It!

Category: Hardware Published on Tuesday, 07 May 2013

New devices from PowerRocks, Accell and AT&T Keep You Charged on the Road 

In my lifetime we’ve had Pet Rocks, Pop Rocks and Fruity Pebbles, but never Power Rocks - - - until now.

The PowerRocks Stone 3 7800 mAh ($99.99) is a dual USB battery - - - they call it a “Powerbank” - - - that can charge two mobile devices simultaneously including tablets, cameras and smartphones.

The device has two USB output ports and micro and mini USB input ports that are used to charge it, so you can use either the micro USB cable that comes with the 7800 or another that may be lying around the house or office.

The charging cable that comes with the 7800 needs either a USB plug adapter, which is pretty common with today’s collection of mobile devices, or can be plugged directly into an outlet or computer that has a USB port. The PowerRocks logo flashes when it is charging and, obviously, stops flashing went it is fully charged.

We were able to charge an Apple 4/S and an Amazon Kindle Fire four or five times using the PowerRock device without having to replenish the battery, which is pretty good by today’s standards. The company’s website boasts that it can charge devices five or six times, so it pretty much performed as the company claims.

One of the best things about the 7800 is its size. Weighing in at a mere eight ounces and being pretty small (three inches squared) in stature, it takes up very little real estate in a briefcase, computer bag or purse.

The Stone 3 is also built to last a bit longer than most of the other batteries on the market today. A majority are rated at 6000 mAh indicating it will take about 6000 milliamp hours for the battery to die. The Stone 3 is rated at 7800 mAh. You do the math.

For more information, check out the company’s website at

Those of you simply needing a way to adapt standard power outlets into USB charging stations may want to check out the Accell Home or Away charging station {$19.99) or the AT&T 4.2A Dual USB Low Draw Universal Wall Charger ($30).

The Accell charger plugs into any outlet and allows you to charge two devices using USB cables and three more using standard wall plugs.  The standard plugs also provide protection against power surges. The plug on the back of the unit also folds back into the surge protector, making it easy to carry around with you.

If you’re not familiar with Accell products, you may be familiar with the PowerSquid, which not only provides surge protection for up to six devices, but is designed so you can use plugs of various sizes without worrying about coving up one of the outlets.

The AT&T USB wall charger allows you to charge two mobile devices simultaneously and, unlike most charging devices, reduces power consumption when nothing is plugged into it. Most other chargers and cables still draw power, even when disconnected from the mobile devices.

For more information on either of these devices, check out their websites at and

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