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Should Galaxy S4 Users Upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Category: Hardware Published on Thursday, 29 May 2014

About a year ago this unsuspecting neighborhood geek purchased a brand, spanking new Samsung Galaxy S4 and showed it off to everyone that would listen as the "ultimate" smartphone. Riding high, and feeling superior to iPhone users, this unsuspecting pawn of tech over indulgence was feeling pretty good - - - until Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 a few months later.

The world had ended!

Should I trash this now obsolete hunk of plastic, eat the cost of breaking an abusive wireless carrier contract and get the newest, smartest phone when it hit stores in April 2014? I found myself immersed in a tech quandary.

The folks at Samsung, sensing my dilemma, sent me an S5 to play with so I could compare it with my now obsolete S4.

The big question is: Should Galaxy S4 owners upgrade to the S5 or wait until it's rendered obsolete by a newer model? The answer is simple: No, although the S5 has some great new features including:

  • A fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone
  • The ability to monitor your heart rate
  • A slightly bigger screen
  • A slightly faster processor 
  • A brighter screen
  • A 16 megapixel camera versus the 14 megapixel camera in the S4
  • It's waterproof
  • Etc. 

Truthfully, there aren't enough new features or innovations to warrant the switch. Basically it's a slightly larger clone of the S4 with a few neat upgrades, but it's not a "barn burner." But, if you own an older Samsung phone  - - - or one from any of the dozens of other manufacturers - - - its new features plus those retained from the S4 make it worth the upgrade. In fact, if you have a Samsung account, the switch is a lot easier. Just log into your account on the new phone and all of your apps, wallpapers and settings are transferred to your new phone.

Alas, for me and the tons of S4 users, it's time to wait and see what Samsung has planned for the Galaxy S6.  

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Attention Facebook users: Check out Michael Berman's Jocgeek fan page at, or follow him on Twitter @jocgeek.  You can also contact him via email at  Mike's blog can also be found on the Huffington Post website at