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A Keyboard for Every Taste and Desktop

Category: Hardware Published on Monday, 02 March 2009

New Keyboards from CyberSnipa, Saitek and Adesso Fit into your Computing Style

Michael L. Berman's Blog
March 7
, 2008

Whether it be for gaming, modding or pure business use, there's a keyboard out there with your name on it. In fact, the three keyboards from CyberSnipa, Saitek and Adesso offer a few features that are tough to beat.

The CyberSnipa Warboard ($69.99) can be programmed to annihilate your opponent by programming a single key and can be customized for use with any game. It's other features include:

-- 17 replaceable custom combat keys.
-- 10 dual-mode programmable buttons.
-- Macro Force software, to help you customize your keyboard.
-- 10 multimedia keys to control sound, video, etc.

The Warboard is also Vista compatible and can be plugged into your computer's USB port.

The Eclipse keyboard ($59.95) from Saitek casts an eerie blue glow. Designed for use in low-light conditions, this keyboard is set up do that each key is lit, allowing you to work when you wouldn't be able to see the keys on a "normal" keyboard.

The Eclipse also plugs into the USB port on your computer, has volume buttons and a light dimming/brightness selector and can work with Windows Vista.

The third keyboard is designed to save us space on our desktop and to deliver maximum functionality in a reduced space. The Wireless Mini Trackball Keyboard ($79.99) from Adesso takes up two-thirds the space of a normal-sized keyboard and has a built-in trackball, eliminating the need for a mouse.

The only downside to the keyboard is that it uses the older infra-red technology to communicate with your computer instead of radio frequency (RF) or Bluetooth. But that aside, the infra-red sensor was able to "see" the keyboard within a distance of seven feet and I had no trouble connecting it and using it with my PC.

Other key features include:

-- An embedded numeric keypad.
-- 12 dedicated function keys.
-- 400 hours of use from two AAA batteries.
-- LED indicators for NumLock, Caps, Scroll Lock, Power and Activity.

The keyboard can be plugged into your computer's USB port or you can buy one that attaches to the PS/2 port on your computer.

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