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How to create your own video machine

Category: Software Published on Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Veg-N and Pinnacle combine to create lean, mean video machine

Scripps Howard News Service

In the past we've looked at TVs on PCs and other video anomalies, but what if you could turn your one-eyed monster into a lean, mean video machine?

Two new products from Pinnacle Systems and RTV combine to not only make it easy for you to create your own professional-looking videos, but to capture broadcasts and play Xbox games while you compute.

Studio MovieBox Plus ($149.99) from Pinnacle and The Veg-N ($99.95) from RTV take the world of the PC into another dimension, transforming your computer into a multimedia powerhouse.

Pinnacle MovieBox Plus

Pinnacle gives you everything you need to produce and distribute high-quality home video to everything from CDs and DVDs to the Internet and PSPs. And, surprisingly, they've made it very easy to accomplish.

The package includes an extremely powerful set of tools including Pinnacle Studio Plus Titanium software, a hand-held microphone and a Chroma Green Backdrop. The software walks you through the editing process and shows you how to combine tons of special effects, music and narration using SmartMovie; the microphone is used to add narration or "reporter-style" interviews to your videos; and the backdrop allows you to incorporating stunning special effects.

Other key features include:

Plug and Play capability using your computer's USB 2.0 port.

You can combine footage, narration and images from various sources including Hi-8, DVR, VHS, digital cameras, camcorders and cell phones.

A/V sync lock technology assures that your video and audio are correctly synced.

You can send your videos to your iPod or Playstation Portable using special presets.

You can capture and edit footage taken with the latest HD cameras.

You can preview your production on a TV monitor as you work.

You can output your productions to DVD or VHS tape.

You can burn DVDs with animated menus and chapter buttons.

You can record directly from tape to DVD.


To take full advantage of all of the MovieBox features, Pinnacle recommends that you have a Pentium 2.4 GHz computer with a gigabyte of memory running Direct X 9 and with 128 MB of memory on your video card and 1 gigabyte of free space on your hard drive. You can get away with less if you don't care about all of the high definition capabilities.


The Veg-N Provides everything not included in the MovieBox package, including the capability to transform you PC or notebook computer into an enhanced resolution digital television or DVR. You can also use the Veg-N's picture-in-picture capabilities to work on your computer while watching your favorite programs.

Key features include:

The ability to connect your Xbox, PS2 or GameCube to play console games on your PC.

The ability to connect a DVD player or LCD/DLP projector to your PC.

The included remote control helps you scroll through on-screen menus designed to give you the best reproduction on your computer.

It can accommodate everything from SVHS to cable.


More information on these products can be found at and

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