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Acrobat Improving with Age

Category: Software Published on Monday, 23 May 2011

New Adobe Acrobat X Makes PDF Creation Easier 

Whenever you think of PDF files, you immediately associate them with Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader. It's a knee-jerk reaction, sort of like associating peanut butter with jelly. And, as computers have evolved, so has Acrobat -- emerging from a program only technogeeks could use to a tool that can be used by the least savvy computer user.

Acrobat X Pro ($499 and $199 for an upgrade) from Adobe has reduced what was once a tedious, multistep process to a few mouse clicks. In fact, even I was able to create a PDF file in mere minutes.

Its integration into programs I use every day, such as Microsoft Outlook and Word, allows me to create PDFs on the fly, giving me access to all of the PDF creation tools I need without having to load Acrobat X. It also works seamlessly with my scanner, allowing me to scan documents directly into PDF files.

Other key features include:

-- Integration with all Microsoft Word 2010 programs, including Excel, Word, Outlook, Publisher, PowerPoint Access, Project and Visio.

-- A Portfolio Wizard that helps you customize your PDF Portfolios with new layouts, themes and colors. You can also choose from an online library of layouts and themes.

-- The ability to automate several steps into one action, using the Action Wizard.

-- You can add the tools you use most often to a Quick Tools Bar, so they're always available.

-- You can work seamlessly with PDF files in Microsoft SharePoint by accessing SharePoint PDF files directly from Acrobat X's "Open" dialogue box.

-- You can view comments and tools from a unified tool pane. All comments can be sorted by page, author and date.

-- All menus and panels disappear in the new Reading Mode that removes all distractions. You can still access a floating toolbar by moving your cursor to the top of the screen.

-- You can use SendNow to send large PDF files and avoid the size limitations of your email program. SendNow can also be used to share and track large files.

-- PDF files can be viewed from within websites.

Although its hefty price tag may disparage its purchase by the average PC user, this is a welcome update to those of us that use Acrobat on a daily basis. Maybe Adobe can publish a less-expensive consumer version so everyone can take advantage of its slick, new features.

Check out other features of Adobe Acrobat X on the company's website at

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